Dieting and dining out


There’s nothing more intimidating than going out to eat while on a diet. The dilemma: What do I eat vs. What should I eat vs. What can I eat. So last night I went out to a friend’s birthday dinner and it wasn’t as frustrating as it usually is to order while dieting. I’ve come up with a list of Do’s to follow when dining out.
*Carefully monitor calorie intake the day of and if you can, cut down on some calories.
*Go to the gym or do some workout routines at home before preparing to go out.
*Give yourself a pep talk throughout the day and/or before entering the restaurant
*It may be helpful to identify one person at the table to assist you in staying on track.
*Appetizer: salad- you can request the removal of foods that aren’t included in your diet plan
*entrée: fish/steak/chicken prepared by grilling, baking, steaming or any other method that is in accordance with your diet.
*drink water throughout the meal and if you are planning to order another drink besides water, request that they bring it during the entrée. Recommended alcoholic drink: club soda and vodka with lime. No wine or sweet rum
*make/engage yourself in conversation (distraction!)

The picture above shows my dinner. I had grilled fish and “salad”.
Share your “dining will dieting” tips and experiences.