“Unfruitful” relationships

How many times can a person cheat, abuse and/or neglect and expect that all be the same in the relationship?? Alot of articles speak encouragement to the victim but I’m going to speak to the oppressor. Mister or Miss Oppresor, here are the things you need to know:
1) If you have done wrong to your partner repeatedly and that person is still with you, GET OUT! You are with a crazy person. You may think you’ve gotten away with it BUT when that person snaps, you’re going to get all of that wrong doing back TIMES TEN!!
2) I’m sorry to inform you but your partner doesn’t love you anymore and he/she is probably waiting for an opportunity to leave or hurt. They may be holding onto you because nobody better has come along yet. Good timing is key!
3) When this person leaves you, you’re going to be devastated and may become a bit “stalker-ish”. This is normal; you’re losing control.
4) Every future partner is going to be compared to him/her. Remember not everyone is going to take your BS! This will lead to more wrongdoing and the cycle starts again.
SO… basically I’m saying if you don’t want to end up DEAD, HEARTBROKEN OR STALKING, stop your wrongdoing now! #my5cents


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